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With vision anything is possible. Staying consistent while forging your own path is the secret to success. At Count Sole we realize our capabilities, strategize and then act, implementing goals while attracting positivity. Remaining focused for growth. Through content we create value and through like minds we learn. - Draylynn Carter

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I rather go broke in the streets, P.S. (Kendall) new single by: ICE Water Bezzi

"The future is won in the present day, with the courage to act and lead, from independence we create self expression. Attracting minds alike." -Draylynn Carter

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Count Sole Brand Sports: Veteran Leadership propels Heat over Young Spurs Core. Final Score 118-113

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Sept. 7th, 2023 (Opening Day #sample #collection).

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A movement that can be characterized for vision. Fighting for your dreams, exploring and independence. We (Count Sole and I) are in place to protect art. Gaining knowledge through experience, finding peace through times of adversity.

Fashion Dealer by Count Sole

The Blueprint

"The Brand" that remains. Our mission is to be known as the fashion company that continues to elevate and evolve, spreading creativity with innovation, merging core values for understanding through content.